Red Art

A Tall Tree

Stay deeply rooted while reaching for the sky

Axis Mundi

Many legends and myths talk about a Cosmic Tree, a Central Column or a Quantic Pole that pierces through all three realms of existence: the Celestial,  the Terrestrial and the Underground, each of them with its own subplanes.

All of these stories revolve around the theory of the middle point, with the Sacred Tree, this Axis Mundi, holding the world together and unifying all times and spaces. 

The Tree of Life

~ Genesis of the Heart Space ~


Created into the Patrix,

Born into the Matrix

We may know alchemize

the two polarities and taste

its fruits.

The Tree of Knowledge

~ Genesis of the Head Space ~


Once born into matter, it is through experimentation that we are being taught the lessons of Good and Evil (positive and negative), each with its own pros and cons, with the ultimate purpose of developing, evolving and  opening our head space

(the I/Eye).

The Tree of Death

~ Genesis of the Reproductive Space ~


Once created into spirit (energy), we must eat its fruits to die into

the Patrix (the world of the pure thought) in order to be born into

the Matrix (the world of matter – we enter the world of matter by the grace of our

mother’s womb).